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Join us for our
1 Year Anniversary!





We would like to extend a very special

Thank you


to our friends at

To have PSA Autograph on location
Friday & Saturday was amazing!
And we look forward to the opportunity
to have them out with us again! 



Our Story

Tim & Lorena pfp.jpg

Tim began his passion for sports cards at just 7 years old in Engelwood, Fl. He would spend his days riding his bike from hobby shop to hobby shop, buying from one owner and trying to flip it to the next owner and then on to the next shop, over and over. It was then that he fell in love with the hobby and began to grow his vast knowledge of sports cards & Memorabilia!

Him and Lorena met in 1999 and began dating a couple years later. He still loved cards but Lorena hated the clutter. Her way of cleaning up his "mess" was to give him 24 hours to clean up the cards and if not, then she would toss them out. And by the 3 rows she did. 

He finally convinced her that there was more to it when he asked her to attend a card show with him. They packed up the family and head to the Chicago Spectacular for "vacation". They set up a table of cards and the entire family had a blast. For her, it wasn't the cards but the people. There they made some amazing friends that they are extremely close with to this day from their days at those shows!

They continued setting up at shows and building not only their business but many relationships with friends in the hobby for the next 8 years. Suddenly, when covid hit, all their traveling took a drastic halt. So on a whim, Lorena decided to start a little local card show in their home town. If they couldn't go to the shows, why not bring a show to them. And that is how the Lake Country Card Show was born.


They show took on great popularity and the waitlist instantly grew to be very long. So they chose to expand and in 2021 they partnered up and ran the Wisconsin Dells Card Show 2 times at the Kalahari Convention Center. It was a great success and they look forward to getting their shop up and running to bring more large card shows to Wisconsin.


They would toy around with the idea of opening a brick and mortar for a couple years but chose to make the big leap of faith after Lorena was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor in April 2022.


She had surgery in June 2022 and that was it for her. She convinced Tim THEY NEEDED to do this. Tomorrow isn't promised and why wait to attempt to make their dreams a reality. The decision to travel less and be home with their kids more, seemed like an easy but scary adventure. So, they signed a lease in October 2022 for a new shop in Oconomowoc, WI. They couldn't be more thrilled to open this store in their own community and share what they love so passionately with their local card crew. 

The card shop is scheduled to open January 27, 2023 and they are super excited to announce that PSA Autograph will be present doing authentications of autographs right in their store! They have big things planned for 2023 and already for 2024. They want to continue to do awesome things for their customers and help expand the hobby. They look forward to expanding their card family and having many more years of building into this amazing industry.

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