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  • What are your store's hours?
    MON I 10AM - 6PM TUE I 10AM - 6PM WED I 10AM - 6PM THU I 10AM - 6PM FRI I 10AM - 6PM SAT I 9AM - 3PM SUN I CLOSED
  • Do you buy cards, memorabilia or bulk lots?
    The easy answer is yes. We would consider ourselves buyers. If you would like to have your collection looked at with the intent of selling to us, just fill in your contact information and someone will reach out to you with some follow-up questions. We usually ask what your most valued piece is along with a few photos of your product. If you are local, you can bring your collection into our shop or set up a private viewing. We will assess what we see and do our best to give you a fair price.
  • Do you do appraisals or help with estate sales?
    Yes, we are happy to help anyone who is looking to appraise collections with the intent to sell. We schedule appointments by calling the shop at (262)354-8029 and request an appointment. We will sit down, go over the cards or collection you have and discuss next step options based on product. A few things we look for are: -Whether it makes sense based on the condition of the cards to get them graded before selling. -What platform your items may perform best on. -Potential profit from sale of said items. -And our fee based on completion of sale. That's right, we don't ask for anything unless we sell the items. We are very transparent and upfront with your options. We believe that our integrity to the customer, the hobby and fellow collectors are the reason people keep coming back. It is always best to deal with a company who values integrity in all they do.
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