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Official Group Submitters for both


Did you know that there are just over 250 official PSA dealers in the country? It's true!

And Lake Country Cards is their largest customer and group submitter.
Want to see for yourself?


We've learned how to make the process super simple for our customers. We have been group submitting for nearly 8 years and a trusted resource when it comes to getting your cards graded.
Not only do we submit cards for grading, but we also do PSA Autograph Authentication as well!

Whether you want to ship us your cards or stop by the shop, we've got you covered!


We send cards out roughly three times a week which helps our customers receive some of the quickest turnaround times possible! We cover the shipping costs to and from either company and all of our packages are fully insured to give you peace of mind when it comes to things outside of our control!

For 'in shop' orders, we make drop-off & pick-up easy. If you have more questions, we would love to answer them. Just stop by our shop or give us a call for more information!

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PSA Grading FAQ'S

What's the difference between Standard & Dual Submission?

Standard is when you just want to have the card graded.
Dual is when you want both the card AND the auto graded.

Can I grade just one card at the Bulk rate?

YES, you can submit 1 or 1,000 cards. It makes no difference to us.
Regardless, we will be sure we take care of you and your cards.

What does it mean when it says Declared Value?
Declared Value is the value it holds AFTER the card is graded. We understand that knowing what the grade will be is not possible but we will help you the best we can to avoid submitting it at the wrong submission level and getting

What's an upcharge?
An upcharge occurs when the cards declared value after grading is higher than the level allowed at submission. When this occurs, the customer will be charged for that card in the appropriate bracket.


SGC Grading FAQ'S

Is SGC a trusted company?

Absolutely. We would not be partnered with them if we didn't completely believe and stand behind their product!

How long has SGC been around?

Since 1998, SGC has been a well-established leader
in the authentication and grading of trading cards.
Their ability to provide accurate and consistent grades
in a timely manner is a service that is unique to the
card-collecting community and has made SGC
one of the pillars of card grading for over 25 years.


Is it really only $20 per card?

YES, unless they are running a special making it even a better deal.

Do they upcharge?
No. They do not have any upcharges. 

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